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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Photographs, Measurements, Annotations

Here are some photos I took covering various parts of the project so far.

These are general shots showing the scale and position of the hole I dug. As you can probably tell, quality fell below the need to just get the concept working, so yes, its pretty scrappy.
The guitar, by the way, is obviously a Les Paul Copy, called Starfire by Tanglewood. Its about 6 years old (since bought). An yeah, isn't me bedcovering mint.

This warped a bit on upload. The light blue marker shows the gap I carved for the ribbon (so it wasnt folded against the wooden housing). But it should be at the bottom really!

The Red marker shows the hole to allow for access to the guitars normal electrics wiring, where my 9V battery will be stored.

The green marker shows (badly) the hole that leads to where the female serial connector port will be mounted.

The hole itself measures, around about 10x12.5cm.

These are shots of the stripped down Kaoss Pad. All that is missing is the touch pad. The red marker shows the ribbon connector, which will later be removed and rewired at each end to allow for the serial connection instead.

As phil helpfully said, you remove this by gripping the side edges of the WHITE CONNECTOR (not cable) and slide it down, its a bit tight but it does go. Slide it away from the PCB, and then once its moved as much as it naturally will, the ribbon will pop out will next to no effort at all.

And finally, I checked that it still works as it is at current, and it does. Which is good after a few clumsy mistakes when removing PCB's. I ran sound through, used the hold settings to gain effects which did work.
I also reconnected the pad to check it still worked after having been moved around a lot and possibly damaged during this. It still worked, then centre light that signifies touchpad input / activity worked as should.


Marcus MN said...

This is very wierd i dont know why u have it i hate it

Michael said...

Its awesome!!!!