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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Materials Used / Purchased

I'll try to be specific, any eBay links may well have changed or be dead. I didnt include the guitar.

Korg Kaoss Pad 1 (KP-1)
I didn't buy this for this project, the guitar mod idea came after, but still neccesary. A kp-2 would do, as Phil @ unmaintained shows well, but a KP-1 is cheaper, simpler circuit (i believe, although it doesn't make that much difference) and what I had to use.
This cost me £60 including a tenner p&p from an eBay seller that I struck a deal off the record with ;)
CLICK HERE TO SEE AN eBay SEARCH (will include, most likely, various models)

2 x 'DB9 Socket' (Generic 9 Pin Serial Female Connectors)
I had real trouble finding these things. Moved away from eBay. Found an online electronics store based in the UK that sells them, just under a wierd heading. They call them DB9 series which makes sense, and they refer to female as socket, as apposed to plug. Follow this link to find them:
SOCKET: http://www.cavuk.com/product.php?productid=110&cat=0&page=1
PLUG: http://www.cavuk.com/product.php?productid=109&cat=10&bestseller
These 2 came to about £3.50 or £4 including postage.

Solder Sucker (solder remover, desoldering)
I remembered these from secondary school, spring loaded vacuum style sucker that retrieve molten solder while you're desoldering. I was going to attempt without but most guides on the net involved the solder sucker without question so I thought I best buy one off ebay.
Total Price (including p&p): £2.99

5 x Mega-Bright Blue 5mm LED's (15000mcd)
Thought they'd be handy with the screen, and the seller i link below is excellent. He provided quality advice on wiring the components and all round great salesmanship.So buy off him! Includes free resistors to but I bought some 1K's anyway, which are too high for this. (12V would be more suited but Im using 9V bateries).
Sale including postage: £2.74

Solder Wire - Fine Diametre for SM Components
Got some thicker stuff anyway but incase theres anything really small probably a good idea to have some, cos my other stuff is really really thick.
Sale Price including postage: £1.49

30W Soldering Iron
Not sure how much I trust a 99p soldering iron but, ther was postage too if thats meant to make me feel better. eBay search on soldering iron is below.
Sale price (inc. postage): £3.98

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