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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Rackmounted Kaoss Pad

There it is, top left. It's not just sat there, tis mounted on to a BOSS RAD-50. It actually fits nicely, just short of half-rack width, but I kept it on top not only cos all the controls are on the top , but as i think its a cm or two bigger than 1U height. Either way, good place to keep it.
Excuse the lights, i need a neon bar or something but, had them handy and cut down the cable so it was 40 ft long or something.

So in the shot is:
- The Modded Guitar
- KP-1 Rack top left
- BOSS RCE-10 Rack Top Right
- Digitech DSP-16 Rack centre
- Ibanez SM7 (sucks but sorta good)

I mounted it by putting ink on the centre hole on the Rack Adapter, designed to fit a BOSS micro unit really... its got a slight bevel designed to slot the boss rack unit into place better, but the KP-1's rubber feet bring the whole thing just above that, so its not balanced on a daft bump. Once the Ink had marked the point on the KP base that needed a hole for screwing in... I unscrewed the base, couldn't be chewed with going and getting a drill, so I just got a nail and a hammer an punched a hole in. Took some bending around to size, and left a big loada spikey material that I think could have contacted with the circuitry inside the KP when i put it back, so I filed this down.

Then i checked the screw I was using wouldn't be so long that i'd screw through the KP circuit board, just fed a nail down until it stopped and noted the distance, found a screw that was slightly too large and just worked it into the hole. End result, the KP probably more secure than the Boss Unit alongside it.

There's no harm in having it loose on a shelf on top obviously, but my rack is angled so it may slip off, and I like stuff mounted.



Anonymous said...

i like it; nice work!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you are a nutter! In a good way. Thanks for your blog. You are so funny, maybe your next project should be writing a book or a TV presenter or something. I found your blog and read it all last night as I am attempting the same sort of hack. Compared to Phil's instruction forum I found your page a little more encouraging that I could actually pull this off! Best of luck with all future projects.